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The Ministry of Agriculture recently issued a "national broiler genetic improvement plan (2014-2025)", the government will increase funding and policy support.

The plan to 2017, to form the core of the main breeding ground for commercial breeding mode. By 2025, more than 38 Yellow Chicken bred new varieties, the core breeding farm supply accounted for more than 75% the number of breeders bred varieties of the National Yellow Chicken. Bred 2-3 with international advanced level of new varieties of white feather chicken, 20% of goods accounted white feather broiler chicken slaughter of total slaughter. The overall objective is to cultivate more than 40 new varieties of chickens, independent cultivars broiler market share of over 60%. The plan is feasible, the goal is to achieve a high probability event. Thereby enhancing our broiler industry chain from the original species, grandparent breeder, and commodities on behalf of the parent and other development level and core competitiveness breeding family.

Currently, the broiler breeding industry, the economy is entering the uplink channel, implementation of the plan is expected to accelerate further improve industry concentration.

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