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2013, according to the Ministry of Agriculture Party "two do everything possible, both strive to ensure" the objectives and requirements of the veterinary administration departments at all levels to perform their duties according to law, strengthen the industry regulator, improving veterinary supervision and law enforcement to effectively combat the illegal activities, the quality of veterinary drugs further improved. According to statistics, in 2013 a total of 15,218 approved veterinary inspection pass rate of 93.2%, compared with 2012 (92.8%) increase 0.4 percentage points.

2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and around the veterinary administration will follow the "use the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious of accountability to ensure that the masses 'safety on the tongue.'" Requirements, tight tight around the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the party's "two efforts to ensure that" the goals and tasks, work harder, to break through the key and difficult, improve work efficiency, to further improve the quality and safety of veterinary drugs, animal product quality and safety and to protect public health and safety, promote the veterinary industry health development of.

One innovative sound system, focused on building long-term mechanism veterinary supervision. Faced with a complex situation veterinary supervision, innovative efforts to improve the system, using the system to promote further regulate veterinary market, regulatory efficiency is further improved. Ministry of Agriculture announced the "veterinary prescription and non-prescription drug management approach", "veterinary prescription drug types catalog (first batch)" and "veterinary product specification model," and so on; local veterinary authorities to establish a veterinary drug quality and safety "blacklist" system, oversight inspection system, focusing on monitoring system and "veterinary use quality management practices" and so on.

Second is to strengthen veterinary supervision and law enforcement and punish illegal activities. Focusing on key regulatory aspects and key regulators object to routine inspections, flight inspection, supervision and sampling, veterinary antimicrobial drugs and veterinary market rectification rectification as the starting point, in-depth implementation of the "seized fight linkage" to crack down on illegal veterinary drugs, banned fraud selling black dens. According to statistics, a total of supervision and inspection of veterinary medicine throughout the production and operation of enterprises, farms and animal treatment institution of nearly 400,000, law enforcement officers dispatched 394,000 passengers; investigate cases of 4380, of which 26 major cases since all transferred to public security organs; veterinary drug production licenses revoked certificate 3, license 2806; ban unlicensed production and business enterprises (black dens) 3778.

Third, increasing residual monitoring efforts to ensure the quality and safety of animal products. Full implementation of the veterinary drug residue monitoring plan, carry out detection of veterinary drug residues, increase sampling coverage and improve the sampling frequency, and the implementation of the retroactive positive samples. Further strengthen the veterinary use of supervision, strengthen advocacy training, and enhance the main responsibility for self-awareness, improve farming medication safety levels. According to statistics, in 2013 a total of veterinary drug residues in livestock animals and their products sample testing 13,917 grant, the passing rate of 99.92%, maintaining a steady trend for the better.

Fourth, strengthen veterinary supervision information system construction, improve the capacity and level of supervision. Seize opportunities, strengthen veterinary supervision information system construction, accelerate the whole process of product distribution for veterinary supervision, to further enhance the efficiency and level of veterinary supervision. 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture to build a "national veterinary-based information system" and "national veterinary product traceability information system", query system for veterinary supervision and enforcement as well as business users to Tell veterinary veterinary provide important support, traceability systems can achieve traceability management of the entire process of veterinary products, is currently being pilot.

First, give prominence to the product label and instructions veterinary regulatory action to further protect the safety of drug cultivation. Second prominence veterinary supervision and law enforcement work, conscientiously implement punished severely announcement, ensure strict on the investigation, heavier on penalties, so that offenders can not, dare not, do not want to implement veterinary drug violations. The third is to actively promote the implementation of veterinary prescription drug management practices, standardize veterinary prescription drug management. Fourth, continue to strengthen the veterinary antibiotic residue monitoring and remediation, protect the quality and safety of animal products. Fifth, to further deepen the prosecution playing linkage, keep the pressure to crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit veterinary behavior. Six is ​​actively promoting veterinary traceability system, to strengthen supervision of the entire process flow of veterinary products, to further improve the quality of regulatory capacity and level of veterinary medicine.

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