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Ministry of Agriculture: Livestock will crack down on illegal add hidden ingredients

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Reporters from national agricultural product quality safety supervision meeting was informed: To ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products this year, the Ministry of Agriculture will carry out the pesticide, "lean", raw milk, antibacterial drugs, animal slaughter, fisheries prohibited drugs, counterfeiting and other agricultural 7 special actions.

Planting will be carried out using pesticides and pesticide regulation, adding to crack down on illegal use of hidden ingredients and Restriction of pesticide behavior; livestock will crack down on the sale and use of "lean", adding disable veterinary or human medicine, Situlanzai , acquisitions and dead livestock slaughter, poultry injected water or salbutamol and other illegal activities, the implementation of milk regulatory measures to strengthen the feed supply, milk station supervision; fishery will crack down on the illegal use of malachite green, nitrofurans drugs act ; agricultural crackdown should take seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, feed, veterinary drugs, focusing crack down Kengnonghainong behavior.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture will comprehensively promote quality traceability system, pay close attention to build a unified national traceability information platform, and strengthen risk prevention and emergency response, and vigorously promote the standardization of agricultural and strengthen "Mishina a standard" construction and management, and strengthen institutional mechanisms and grassroots construction supervision system construction.

It is reported that, in 2013, the quality safety of agricultural products to maintain a generally stable, gradually becoming a good momentum of development. Major annual event does not occur the quality and safety of agricultural products, vegetables, livestock products and aquatic routine monitoring pass rates were 96.6%, 99.7% and 94.4%, an increase of 0.6,0.1 and 3.9 percentage points respectively.

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